The IBOR transition is widely considered to be the most complex transformation effort required since the 2008 Financial Crisis.

Our vast experience of managing and overseeing regulatory and industry change programs, and our real client experience on IBOR Transition programs make us well qualified to support you in achieving a successful outcome.

Stock Exchange

The transition includes review of existing financial exposures and the approach to transition to new reference rates, transitioning the back book, legacy trades & associated legal constructs, and the knock-on impact to other regulatory rules such as those related to Margin.

Client Transition is a hugely complex effort that will require a coordinated yet tailored strategy across all businesses globally. Accurate and ongoing impact assessment & repapering, detailed education & support for clients & front office staff, and timely client response will all be critical in order to ensure no disruption to trading nor damage to client relationships.


This is key to ensure conduct, reputational and legal risks are robustly managed.