The Wall of Ideas


Real and defensible value for programme sponsors

We mobilise small, high-performing teams of seasoned practitioners to deliver strategic and regulatory change more flexibly and cost-effectively than traditional consulting firms. 

We specialise in situations which often prove challenging for conventional change programmes: where there is a material impact to the front-office and your clients or customers, and where requirements are likely to evolve throughout the work.

Our teams are hand-picked from our network to align with client needs.  We can supplement these resources with guidance and programme assurance from MD level, ex-industry practitioners, who themselves have been front-office Accountable Executives on complex change programmes.  Where required, we also have access to pools of more junior resource to support cost-effective execution.


Hallmarks of our approach

We are comfortable and experienced operating at a portfolio, program or workstream level, as required. 

We take a hands-on, collaborative approach to change management, bringing together stakeholders from different businesses, project, risk and infrastructure groups to ensure robust solutions with buy-in from all areas.

We deploy best-practice project management disciplines, including lean but robust program governance, clarity of roles and responsibilities, accurate data and status reporting, and effective issue escalation.  But we also recognise that this process is only a means to an end.  Content, judgement and delivery are critical.

Our approach de-risks program delivery, uses scarce front-office and subject-matter-expert resources effectively, and creates a positive experience for your clients and customers. 

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